ibiza volunteers care4cats

ibiza volunteers care4cats

To have an idea of what Ibiza volunteers for Care4Cats are actually doing:

C4C volunteers in Ibiza are constantly confronted with all kinds of questions and problems that need immediate action.

The Ibiza volunteers, strongly believe that the feral cat population is an important part of the eco system in Ibiza and their TNR program is fighting hard to stop catch and kill methods or poison to control the population with a much more humane trap, neuter and return policy. Where feral cat numbers are not stabilized by neutering, the population reaches problem levels with spraying and cat faeces posing not only a nuisance, but also hygiene and health risks to humans. Calls for population reduction or wholesale extermination invariably result.

In many cases, people are willing to accept a smaller colony of healthy, neutered cats where they would not accept a large colony of starving, diseased or injured ferals and dying kittens. Neutering allows these cats a reasonable quality of life and permits them to coexist with humans without posing health risks. Not neutering all too often condemns the entire colony... healthy individuals as well as injured, malnourished and diseased cats to death.

The volunteers of Care4Cats only trap, neuter and return cats that they have been requested to do, while each person who calls signs forms, that these cats are not owned. They do not go randomly traipsing around the campo scooping up cats to sterilize.
Ever growing campo cat colonies suffer from disease, poisoning and lack of resources, nevertheless the ongoing C4C TNR program (so far neutered 15,000 cats), resulted in  fewer kittens being born and those that are will have a much better chance of survival.
While there is no evidence of cats being treated differently by their colony after sterilization... we make every effort to trap the entire colony at one time. This is not always possible but the intact cats will be the minority. To insure that they have fully recovered, after being sterilized, the cats are kept at the vets overnight for observation, before being released the next day, at the same spot they were trapped.

Care4Cats has some volunteers from the UK, who pay their own way and use their own holidays to come over and help us trap and transport cats to the local vets for sterilization and all other medical procedures without families or jobs to distract them, while they are inexhaustibly 'on the job'.
The TNR (trap, neuter & return) program goes on year round with local volunteers but C4C takes advantage of having these extra hands on deck, willing to put in 12 to 16 hour days, to trap and transport cats.
- Are you willing and able to help us trap on a regular basis? We need you, contact us !

C4C adoption & rehoming
C4C is frequently called out to deal with cats and kittens that have to be removed immediately.... because a person leaves the island, someone of age who can no longer care for the cats, or someone who was denounced. For lack of rehoming possibilities in Ibiza and to prevent the cats from being euthanized, C4C desperately tries to have these cats adopted abroad.
- We ask worldwide cat lovers to support us!

C4C foster homes
The C4C foster moms get these tiny babies, sometimes just a few hours old and pour themselves into keeping them alive, not always successfully. They feed every 2 to 3 hours around the clock, burp them clean their little bums, change their bedding before tucking them back into bed.
For 8 weeks they are their life.
- Could you do that and would you like to sign up as a fosterer? We need you, contact us !

If you have questions, contact us at tel: +34 646 574 602 - C4C volunteers will be happy to sit down and have a coffee and answer any questions you might have.


Ibiza 4 all, CARE 4 CATS IBIZA - Caring for feral cats in Ibiza.

CARE 4 CATS IBIZA - Caring for feral cats in Ibiza


We are all healthy, vaccinated & neutered, and for a small amount we come to you,
and love you for the rest of our lives.....

For all info: general phone number 0034 646 574 602 or visit their website: Give a cat a home

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