care 4 cats ibiza caring for feral cats in ibiza

care 4 cats ibiza caring for feral cats in ibiza

Caring for, and neutering feral / stray cats in Ibiza according to their Trap, Neuter & Return program

CARE4CATS, English charity, founded in 1999, by animal lover Angela Collins.
Her aim: to care for and humanely reduce the number of stray cats in Ibiza

The thousands of abandoned, stray & feral cats of Ibiza experience great difficulty surviving, but still the cat population in Ibiza grows tremendously every year. There is no help for them from the government.
Many cats die a slow and painful death from starvation, disease or poisoning.
Kittens are born simply to die. Sadly, there are very few people who care about their piteous and desperate existence.

Luckily, Care4Cats have a dedicated team of people who care.
Twice a year, voluntary trapping teams visit from the UK. In each visit they trap around 400 stray cats. The cats are taken to one of 4 collaborating veterinary clinics. They are given a health check, any necessary medical care and of course the very important neutering!
When each cat is neutered, the vet makes a small cut to one ear, to prevent the cat from being trapped again.
After spending a night in the clinic to recover, the cat is returned to the place it came from.
There is now a small team of volunteers who live in Ibiza, working year round to help the island’s strays and encouraging residents to neuter their pets.

On Ibiza there are many beautiful tame cats needing homes.
If you care for cats, there are many beautiful tame cats needing homes; would you like to adopt one of them?
There is now a 45€ Adoption Fee. Each cat homed by Care4Cats will be vaccinated and neutered.
It is much cheaper than the usual price! This ensures a healthy cat as there are so many viruses killing kittens right now plus of course, no unwanted kittens.

Animal shelters and cat shelters are overcrowded in Ibiza, and usually the poor animals are put to sleep after 3 days. Local governments are still not taking any action against the cat surplus in Ibiza, such as:
- Regular sterilization operations at a reduced rate!
- There is NO medical care for homeless, or sick animals.

* There is the possibility that the Spanish Government on short term carries through an amendment, which allows the police to fine everyone who feeds feral cats !!


To date, over 15,000 cats have been trapped, neutered and returned by Care4Cats, massively reducing the number of unwanted cats on the island. Preventing the suffering and deaths of hundreds of thousands of kittens.
Statistics show that from one un-neutered female cat can result in 20,000 kittens in 4 years.
Although the vets they collaborate with work at a reduced rate, each trapping visit costs around 10,000€.
is now raising funds to open their own clinic. The Eivissa Animal Centre.

Care4Cats is entirely dependant on donations !!

hereby calls on your love for animals, so together we can ensure this fantastic initiative of volunteers can continue it’s crucial work:
To improve the lives and reduce the number of abandoned, stray and feral cats in Ibiza.
Ibiza 4 all, CARE 4 CATS IBIZA - Caring for feral cats in Ibiza.

CARE 4 CATS IBIZA - Caring for feral cats in Ibiza


We are all healthy, vaccinated & neutered, and for a small amount we come to you,
and love you for the rest of our lives.....

For all info: general phone number 0034 646 574 602 or visit their website: Give a cat a home

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